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The Alba Sworn Translation and Interpreting office is a highly professional office of Legal Translators and Interpreters (CTU) founded by Dr. Giancarlo Lepre, Sworn Expert Interpreter (CTU) as well as Legal Translator enrolled in the Register of Sworn Translators of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Naples and at the Naples Chamber of Commerce.

01. Precision

The hallmark of our working method is the extreme precision with which we take care of your translations, in compliance with the relevant regulations and the bureaucratic correctness of your practices.

02. Customization

We personalize each translation, paying the utmost attention to transposing the meaning and intentions of our clients, capturing every nuance of meaning and proposing the most appropriate solutions.

03. Punctuality

The efficiency of our service is measured by the punctuality of deliveries: our translations are delivered within 24/48h of the request, in compliance with the deadlines and commitments of our clients.

Sworn translators

Translation and legalization of documents

Our Translators are all registered in the Register of Experts and Interpreters and Translators of the Chamber of Commerce and in the Register of Experts and Interpreters and Consultant Translators (C.T.U.) of the Court. They are therefore authorized to translate and legalize documents for private, legal and consular use, valid throughout the national territory and abroad.

Alba Translations company enjoys many years of experience in the legal field, specialized  in official translations pertinent to other professional fields, such as the technical-industrial, medical-scientific, economic-financial, editorial, commercial, technique and juridical.


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Sworn translations

Legal translations

The firm’s services are provided in a combination of 50 foreign languages, so as to respond to the most diverse needs.

The key that differentiates the Alba Translations studio from the other competitors is the method, characterized by diligence, professionalism, meticulousness and punctuality.

In providing the services, maximum account is taken of the times indicated by the customer and the practical techniques, as in the case of sending material abroad.

The accuracy of the method is constantly combined with the cordiality of the way in which customers are treated, whether they are institutional bodies, public or private, or citizens.

Contact Alba Sworn Translations if you are looking for superior quality translations at highly competitive prices.

Studio Alba

Legal interpreter and translator

Dr. Giancarlo lepre

Founder & Owner

Interpreter & Juridical Translator
of the Court of Naples

Translations and interpreting

Sworn translations and interpreting

Certified sworn translations, legalization and apostille of qualifications and exams passed

Sworn translation of documents for car practices, booklets and driving licenses papers

Certified translations of notary acts

Sworn translations and legalization service with apostille of registry and civil status certificates

Sworn translations with legalization and apostille of documents for immigration and family reunification

Professional interpreting service

We work all over the national territory

Our Translators are all registered in the Register of Experts and Interpreters and Consultant Translators (C.T.U.) of the Court

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